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Practical Assessment with Trim and Stability Training

August 9, 2016


Practical Assessment for management level (deck) Plus

* FREE training for Trim and stability course using our computers (practice by scenario’s) schedule will be given after the enrollment, (Certificated)

* Familiarization for (Navigation) using our simulator (practice by scenario’s) schedule will be given after the enrollment.

* Free Wifi, Lunch/Dinner, Navigator Shirt and unlimited coffee and hot chocolate.


Please bring the following requirements for enrollment.

1. MLC Updating function 1 and function 3  or New MLC Function 1 to 3 (Xerox Copy), bring also the original certificate
2. Permit by EAD Marina

3. 2 Valid ID Picture (2×2) with Shoulder board based on COC License.

for available schedules click here

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